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community manager advice

A group of women enjoying drinks in the sunshine beside a colourful painted wall

Women rising – how to succeed in community management

The community profession is ideal for women who have stronger skills in relationship building. But there are many challenges that are holding women back in the community profession. I share three not-so-secret ingredients for women to succeed, and ask about the power of peer connection.

Alarm clock with a gold case and gold bells at the top, a white face, and black numbers and clock hands

When is it time to leave your community role?

When is it time to leave your community role? I started to research the topic, and found the reflection process incredibly helpful. In this blog, I’ll share five reasons you may be ready to leave your community role.

Getting out of your own way

Why do we get in the way of our own progress? In this blog post I’ll reveal the challenges and barriers that show up, and share five realistic ideas to help you get out of your own way. I’ll also share helpful resources for self-development and support.

White background, wooden letter scrabble tiles spelling the word BURNOUT

The truth about burnout and community

Why is burnout such a persistent issue? In this blog is explain three of the main causes of burnout, what you can do to prevent it from happening, and share helpful resources to protect and improve your wellbeing.